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160 x 600px

All banners: Max file size 60 kb.

Animated banners

Please submit animated banners as HTML5 or .gif. of max 45 seconds and max 5 loops before stopping.

Video banners

Please submit the video in a standard format, e.g. .mp4.

Static banners

Please submit static banners as .gif or .jpg.

HTML5 banners

Please submit HTML5 banners in iframe tags via HTTPS. All links in banners must open as target="_blank". To enable Jobindex to track statistics, the iframe must allow a ”click”-parameter and links in the banner must direct to the URL that is that is entered in the ”click”-parameter. AdForm and DoubleClick hosted banners meet these requirements.

For HTML5 banners, a clickTAG must be entered into the banner code in order for Jobindex to track statistics. The banner can not contain a hardcoded URL.

CC Animate

this.ctaclick.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_2);
function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_2() {
  var clickurl =
    decodeURIComponent(*[?&]click=([^&]*).*/, "$1"));,"_blank");

Adobe Edge og Google Web Designer

var clickurl = decodeURIComponent(*[??&]click=([^?&]*).*/, "$1"));,"_blank");