By starting your career with us, you will join us in our mission to supply better energy that is safer, more affordable, cleaner and accessible to as many people as possible.

We offer our employees high safety and environmental standards, strong ethical values, an innovative culture and wide-ranging career development opportunities.

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Better energy

As the largest Danish oil and gas operator, we have led the way in Denmark for more than 50 years. But we are much more than that.

We continuously innovate to produce sustainable and responsible energy solutions. And we have an ambitious goal: to supply reliable, affordable and clean energy across the globe. We are making the fight against climate change a priority by investing heavily in low-carbon emission energies such as gas, solar and bioenergy.

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Meet your new colleagues

We are a diverse and multinational team of more than 1,600 people, of which approximately 500 work offshore. TotalEnergies’ Esbjerg facilities are the heart of our operational activities in the Danish North Sea, but nearly 250 of our employees work in Copenhagen. Together, we share a unique team spirit, working cross-functionally and across locations. Meet some of us right here.

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My network expands every day, working cross-functionally and interacting with colleagues from all over the organization. I really enjoy that teamwork aspect of working here, and the opportunity to branch out into new things.

Andreas, Treasury & Digital Lead

We are building TYRA II

We are truly committed to the safety of our employees, facilities and products as well as the safeguarding of the environment. Our goal is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by our operations and the use of our products by 40% before 2030. For that reason, improving our energy efficiency at our sites is a top priority.


As part of that endeavour, we are rebuilding Tyra, which is the centre of Denmark’s national energy infrastructure, processing 90% of the nation’s gas production. Together with the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC), we have approved the largest project investment ever made in the Danish North Sea, enabling Tyra to continue operations for at least 25 years.


Global and equal Opportunities

At TotalEnergies, we let you take your talent further than you ever imagined. Because we are an international group with activities across the entire energy value chain, we can offer you a host of opportunities.

Mobility is a fundamental principle of our career management policy. It contributes to both the company's performance and to your professional and personal development, giving you the opportunity to embark on a new phase of your career or discover new horizons.