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Quality and Laboratory manager

ISI Food Protection Aarhus


Do you want to be a part of a high performing team and drive development and quality in our laboratory?

We are looking for a Quality and Laboratory manager who will be responsible for the management, quality, and growth of our laboratory activities.

Who are we?

We run a highly specialised microbiological laboratory situated at Agro Food Park in Aarhus. Our organisation was founded in 2009.

Our activities are based on applied food and plant microbiology and offer services to customers along the whole food chain.

We are 16 people working in the laboratory including laboratory technologists, scientists, and students. We assist producers in:

  • developing, monitoring and control of food products
  • development and control of cultures used for food production
  • risk and shelf-life assessment of food
  • detection, identification, and interpretation of Food Microbiology
  • development of solutions for protection of food including development of food model systems and pilot scale production
  • implementing regulation requirements

Our laboratory is accredited by DANAK, the Danish accreditation authorities. This accreditation is essential for our customers.

We cover a wide range of traditional microbiological methods based on NMKL and ISO standards and work extensively with PCR techniques and identification of microflora using third generation sequencing technology.

We have modern equipment and are situated in a new building facility together with many other compagnies related to food development and production.

Our laboratory is L3* classified and approved for working with Clostridium botulinum. We are approved as an official laboratory for the Danish food authorities according to EU food regulation, and furthermore we work as an NordVal expert laboratory carrying out validation of alternative methods for official use.

We have a national and an international customer portfolio.

About the job

As our new Quality manager, you will be responsible for the quality of our laboratory activities. You will be an important person assisting in driving the constant development of our company, including development of our method portfolio together with our project managers.

As our new Laboratory manager, you will be responsible for the management of our laboratory including planning of activities and handling of all our equipment and laboratory facilities.

You will also be involved in our project activities and relations to customers.

We are searching for a person who has:

  • good and well-documented experience running a modern microbiological laboratory
  • well-documented positive relations to colleagues and management
  • experience concerning quality management
  • documented knowledge and experience concerning accreditation and the standards covering accreditation of laboratories especially ISO 17025.

You must have worked in an accredited laboratory and be familiar with all requirements in such a laboratory including corporation with accreditation authorities.

Furthermore, you will be responsible for:

  • day to day running of the laboratory
  • training of personnel
  • implementing and updating of all analytical methods and procedures
  • safety aspects in the laboratory
  • maintenance, repair, and calibration of laboratory equipment
  • all samples from our routine customers
  • communication concerning the needs of our routine customers
  • interpretation of results and trouble shooting
  • participation in project activities and project management

Who are you?

As the right candidate for this position, we imagine that you have a master’s degree and have minimum 5 years of work experience within a microbiological laboratory, quality management, accreditation, and applied microbiology.

You have experience with development of new ideas and project management and are curious about the use of applied microbiology in development of food and food production.

You understand that quality control and innovation is less about having ideas and more about adding value for our customers.

As you will have a broad range of stakeholders you must have strong interpersonal and influencing skills enabling you to navigate in a dynamic business and have a commercial mindset and financial understanding to drive value for our business.

You must be able openly to cooperate and communicate with colleagues and be a team player. Microbiology is very much about cooperation and assisting colleagues.

You must be a good and serious communicator.

As our corporate language is English, you must have full proficiency.

What do we offer?

You will join a passionate and result oriented team where each of us have a critical and important role to play.

We work together to explore and develop the growth potential within our marked sector. We try to work smart and embrace new ideas.

You will have the opportunity to plan and organise your daily work tasks in cooperation with colleagues.

We offer serious opportunities to develop your scientific capabilities in cooperation with food producers and national and international universities and research institutes.

You will take part in development and research projects in collaboration with colleagues from universities and the industry and develop a large network within the area.

Because we care about our colleagues and the social environment in our laboratory, the ability to ensure good personal and professional relations is a constant requirement to ensure a secure and relaxed working environment for everybody.

Application and contact

As we need a new Laboratory and Quality manager in the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, we will handle all applications continuously, so please send it together with your CV as soon as possible.

Your application shall only be sent to this e-mail address:

If you have any specific questions that are important before sending your application, please call our Quality manager Erik Dahm tel.: +45 30 32 86 95 or send an e-mail to