Fresh air and great exercise ? We are looking for people who wants to distribute various products

We are looking for people who will work in a job that gives a lot of fresh air and great exercise.

The job is to distribute products to households in Kastrup and Dragør.

We will provide you with an electric bike. You have to wear warm clothing when you arrive at the job.

It is easy to start the job – the only thing it takes is a short period of training. It does not require extensive linguistic skills – You just need to make yourself understandable and be able to read the Latin alphabet.

The route is placed in the postalarea; 2300, 2770, 2791

You will get many great colleagues, who you meet at the depot and on the routes. You work under orderly conditions including contractual payment, pension and holiday allowance.


You can go to and make a profile or call us at 71743440

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