STMicroelectronics A/S Aarhus

Software Developer with leadership talent

Do you want to play a key role in the development of the world's best embedded GUI framework?

Then get ready to join the innovative minds behind our STM32 graphic software – TouchGFX. At STMicroelectronics, you will become part of a dedicated team of experienced software developers in a large global organisation that offers a great work-life balance and lots of room to grow.

Our TouchGFX software is used in appliances and wearables across the globe. It really is quite special to see your work implemented in for instance a watch and then see it featured in a YouTube video. Personally, that gives me a real kick – to see something I’ve helped create making a real impact on people’s lives,” explains Manager Jesper Hedegaard.

Welcome to STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics is a world leader in semiconductors and an international organisation counting 46,000 employees across the globe.

At our Aarhus offices, you will be joining our Microcontroller division as part of a team experienced in embedded graphics development. Within the team, you will be met by 20+ dedicated colleagues who share a passion for creating the world´s best-performing and easy-to-use embedded GUI framework.

We are an international and diverse team working together from sites in Aarhus, Grenoble, and Tunis as well as our division’s headquarters in Rousset, France.

You’ll find that we’re a very open bunch who truly value our strongly felt team spirit and shared professionalism. We’re always ready to lend each other a helping hand and expect the same from you. In return, you’ll gain great colleagues with a fantastic sense of humour,” Jesper finishes with a smile.

Software developer and Leadership talent

You will cover a dual role of being part of product development and exploring your leadership talents.

Software development

Depending on your technical profile you will be part of either one of our embedded software teams working in C/C++ or our desktop application team working on a PC-based GUI designer tool in C#/WPF. Your workday will include tasks like software architecture, solution specification, software development and testing, highly depending on your skills and interests.

All teams use the Scrum framework for project management, so you will be part of an agile and flexible work environment.

Leadership talent

This job is a stepping-stone for you with the leadership potential to become a leader of the future in an ambitious international company. In this position, you will work part-time assisting one of our managers and part-time with software development and you balance well the situation of being both a colleague and having managerial tasks. Your workday will include tasks like e.g., recruitment, onboarding, planning, one-to-one meetings, well-being tasks and personnel administration tasks.

Are you ambitious and talented, with one foot planted firmly on the ground?

Your technical skills and your ability to reach the team's goals make your surroundings naturally respect you. You are business driven and value personal relations. Collaboration is second nature to you, as you are a born team player who shares knowledge and successes by default.

In addition, we imagine that you:

  • Have at least 4 years of experience in software development
  • Perhaps a dedication within software architecture, specification, or development process
  • Have a high interest in people
  • Have a leadership potential
  • Speak and write English effortlessly

Grow with us in an inspiring international work environment

Join our modern accommodations in IT-byen Katrinebjerg, located in Aarhus, Denmark, and gain a job that offers a great work-life balance, as we strive to never exceed the 37-hour workweek. We are eager to welcome you and to shape the position to match your skills and ambitions.


Then send us your resume as soon as possible. Alternative use the job application process at If you have any questions regarding this position, feel free to contact hiring manager Jesper Hedegaard at, tel: +45 41953631.

We look forward to hearing from you.