Financial/Business Controller

Exhausto Langeskov


We are looking for an experienced and professional Financial/Business Controller to join one of the leading organizations in ventilation solutions and be part of an innovative and dynamic group. We are looking for a candidate who is capable of working in a meticulous, pragmatic and independent manner.

In this role you will extract and translate complex data, creating structures for easily accessing and presenting data at any request.

In close collaboration with managers and certified accountants you ensure the legitimacy of weekly, monthly and annual reports.

Key focus areas of the role will be:

  • Reporting
  • Data analysis
  • Supporting the management in decision-making based on data extractions

About you

It is the responsibility of the Controller to establish the meaning of the figures and the data that appear in the systems and translate it to coherent assessable information to serve as a data foundation for managers to make decisions on. Generally, the Controller must support the organization with data extractions to explain parameters and is responsible for conducting thorough analysis that convert complex data into tangible presentations. It is also the responsibility of the Controller to deliver weekly, monthly and annual reports to ensure correlation between the data in the systems and actual figures.

Your tasks will be:

  • Summarize the activities of the year, conduct thorough analyses and be able to present whatever the certified accountant asks for
  • Monthly reports, including monthly accounts, to secure the legitimacy of the data that enters the systems in EXHAUSTO and furthermore ensures that data extracted from the systems are proportional to reality in regard to turnover, time consumption, prices and sales transactions
  • Conduct weekly reports to follow up on requested areas and subsequently be dispatched to the organization
  • Issue the reports as a management tool that enables the receiver to conclude on elements of the EXHAUSTO organization and draw up future initiatives
  • Proactively investigate where to optimize on systems and processes, and via minor system development initiatives, adapt and optimize to bring the systems up to date on changing parameters in the outside world
  • Continuously intercept potential errors and omissions
  • Annually calculate standard costs as benchmark for assessing general deviations
  • Extract data from the BI tool and ensure that the right information is assessable on the platform and that it is easy to follow up on
  • Dive into the transactions in the organization and convert them into “more than numbers”, meaning tangible overviews of how the business is running
  • Follow up on KPI’s, stock, costumers etc. with data
  • Extract data from the systems to support the departments in EXHAUSTO, and provide an insight in the coherence of the organization
  • Provide the management with a data foundation to enable it to make the best decisions possible
  • At any time, establish EXHAUSTO’s given situation and disclose data as a foundation to conduct decisions for the future direction of the organization
  • Secure the liability of the data in the systems and inspect and observe them to detect potential changes and challenges and clarify the origin of the mistake


Your background in terms of experience, skills and personality will be a mix of this:


  • Experience from similar position
  • Certified Accountant or
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), BSc or MSc in Economics and Business Administration
  • ERP systems, M3 specifically
  • Super user in Microsoft Excel
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to crunch numbers


  • Be business-oriented and possess knowledge about the construction of organizations, preferably production enterprises
  • Have the ability to spot opportunities for optimizing processes
  • Create manageable coherence that makes sense, from “incomplete” datasets
  • Possess skills within system handling, and preferably system development
  • A natural talent for estimating figures work analytically
  • Be structured in the approach to working with data
  • Adaptable and thrive in taking on ad hoc tasks alongside other projects while maintaining the general overview
  • Stable, meticulous and proactive methods of work
  • Be social and wanting to invest in collegiate relations


Danish – Fluent
English – Business Level
German – Preferred but not required
Swedish, Norwegian – Comprehensible

We offer

  • An interesting and varied job in a growing and interesting market
  • A rapidly expanding family-owned company with many perspectives and opportunities
  • Internationally operating company
  • A reliable employer and a great team

How to apply

Use the link below to apply.


AIMS International Denmark is working with candidates for this role. Your contact is:
Managing Partner, Headhunter
Torsten Miland
Tel. +45 41 41 42 42
Email: torsten.miland@aimsinternational.com

All contacts are of course handled with strict confidence. In the process we will use personality testing as well as in-depth interviews and referencing.


EXHAUSTO A/S is a professional supplier and partner when it comes to ventilation solutions. We develop and manufacture products and systems for comfort ventilation. The objective is to be among the absolute leaders in this area, focused on high quality products, very high efficiencies and thereby energy consumption levels which set new standards for the industry.

EXHAUSTO manufactures in the town of Langeskov on the island of Funen, the borough of Flå in Norway and also operates sales subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. EXHAUSTO is part of the French ALDES Group.

The Aldes Group has production facilities in France, United States, Canada, China, Langeskov (Denmark) and Flå (Norway) as well as a large number of sales companies. With over 1500 employees worldwide, the Aldes Group generates annual sales of around 300 million euros. Link for further information about Exhausto – click here.