Work in a company, join a growing community

itm8 is an international IT group consisting of 12 companies – so far, because we have the ambition to grow our ecosystem by adding even more competencies. We believe that this will support our mission to unlock today’s potential for improvement and innovate the solutions of tomorrow.

Yes, our plans for growth are noticeable, but in this process, we will never impose a corporate culture on our sub-brands. Instead, we nurture the synergies that are created by embracing all the different personal and professional strengths our m8s have to offer across companies.

This also means that most of what we do have to fit with 12 different local set-ups and ways of working, which is a premise that keeps our work interesting.

Our unique constellation was born with one clear goal in mind: to grow the most attractive ecosystem for IT brands, talents, and customers. And that is our promise to you.

We only get as far as your next idea takes us

We are proud that every m8 embraces all these changes. And we believe that this has partly to do with our open and trusting culture – we involve people across companies and our smiles light up at visionary ideas, no matter who gets them. Hopefully, we will get a bunch from you too.

“If you come up with a suggestion, there is always someone to catch it and help you think it through. It’s exciting to be a part of such an ambitious and proactive place.” – Jeppe Gottlieb, Information Security Officer and m8.

We are entrepreneurial with the best opportunities to unleash the talents of our employees. In other words, we are here to help you grow your talent, skills, and career.

You won’t get colleagues – you’ll get m8s

Your fellow m8s will greet you with an eagerness to help, a pragmatic outlook, and an entrepreneurial mindset. To support this culture, we keep our set-up simple. Things might be changeable at itm8, but we guarantee that they will not be hierarchical – and certainly never boring.

Want to know more about what it means to be a m8? Then check out our career site!