Monoma Danmark ApS

Mosaic World: a mosaic of companies

Living and/or working space is important. Whether it is a student who wants to move in, a starter in search of affordable housing, an entrepreneur who needs an office, or someone who wants to rent temporary housing or workspace in a hurry. Mosaic World gets the most out of the available space, taking a broad view of what is necessary and possible. Five brands contribute to this:

  • B-Right Urban Living ( sustainably developing and transforming buildings and sites into attractive housing solutions;
  • Monoma ( suitable living and working spaces for creative minds in buildings that have been vacant for a long time but cannot yet be redeveloped;
  • NewNewNew ( NewNewNew is the organisation's new platform where all available real estate in Europe will be offered to tenants.
  • Plaza Resident Services ( a variety of smart and affordable micro living solutions for students and starters;
  • WatchTower Security Solutions ( temporary security for construction sites and other outdoor areas;

In this way, we are working together on a future in which affordable and comfortable housing and workspaces are made available to everyone. And you can be part of it! Want to know more about Mosaic World? Go to our website!