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Join us to change the future

At MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, we all share a passion for creating a better world by making offshore wind an economically viable and sustainable energy resource to benefit future generations. So why not join us to help change the future – starting with your own?

We succeed in a team

The pioneer spirit has been with us since day one. As a project-based organization, we value cross-functional collaboration, creativity and running with great ideas – in fact, those are absolutely essential

factors in order for us to deliver on our large customer projects. And we make sure that each colleague has equal amounts of flexibility and responsibility to make an impact.

Base your career on the shoulders of giants

This is your opportunity to make a real impact on the world’s future energy mix. We offer structured career tracks throughout the global organization and across all areas of the business.

Putting your career in our hands, we’ll make sure to send you off to a flying start. You’ll be introduced to the company, the industry, management, our entire value chain, and, of course, your colleagues.

Feeling social?

Look no further. There is plenty of opportunity to make new acquaintances and build your network with social initiatives throughout the year.

Join MHI Vestas

We may have Nordic roots, but we’re an international organization with more than 3500 employees, in offices across Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the United States. And we often venture into new markets.

That’s why cultural awareness is especially important to us. And it is part of our culture to be curious, open-minded and inclusive in our approach to different cultures and people. There is room for everyone.

Plant a seed for a better future

Being part of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind means working in an ever-changing environment and on projects with long-term perspectives.

Our passion for wind drives us to plant seeds for future generations and create the wind solutions of tomorrow.

Join us to invest in the future – including your own.

Explore our open positions or have a look at our career page.

Regnskab for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Regnskab for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

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Bruttofortjeneste 37.975.000 -7.647.000 -15.515.000 -62.737.000 20.001.000 133.009.000 166.669.000
Årets resultat 25.555.000 8.320.000 -44.216.000 -120.525.000 -98.287.000 52.989.000 2.523.000
Egenkapital 91.995.000 415.561.000 436.990.000 313.171.000 195.749.000 168.922.000 203.999.000
Balance 325.475.000 663.829.000 835.279.000 1.262.564.000 1.376.666.000 1.628.376.000 2.038.434.000

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