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About Flexibles

As one of the very few engineer-driven manufacturing companies left in Denmark, Flexibles has a lot to offer. Based out of Brøndby near Copenhagen, and with a factory 100 km away, by Kalundborg harbour, the company is one of just three manufacturers of flexible pipe systems in the world.

What do we do

Flexibles designs, manufactures and markets flexible pipe systems for the oil and gas industry as well as for water and chemical applications. Our flexible pipes are technologically complex structures that are made to order. Manufacturing a flexible pipe requires solid engineering, precisely adjusted machinery and careful craftsmanship, which is why we employ a wide range of professions, from smiths to engineers and from Ph.D.’s to unskilled workers.

Global footprint

We have our main office in Brøndby and factory in Kalundborg. We have subsidiaries in Brazil and Scotland, and offices in Perth, Houston, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore.

Since 2012 we have been part of National Oilwell Varco, the world’s largest supplier of customer-focused solutions within the energy industry.

A wide range of disciplines

Our engineers work with a wide range of disciplines including process engineering, fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, material science, heat transfer and validation, and we work across the globe with some of the world’s largest operators as clients.

Working with us

As an employee with Flexibles, you become part of a culture where we try not to be content with the status quo. That means that there are numerous ways to make suggestions on how to do things better, smarter and more efficiently. We value innovation, and have numerous ways for you to participate in the continued evolution of our products and systems – all in line with our philosophy of freedom with responsibility.

Project-driven work

All your work will be project-driven, where you will leverage your skills and experience to create the best results in your part of the project’s value-chain. Many of us work in changing teams based on the requirements of the project, while others work in departments or teams with a close-knit group of colleagues.

We have grown a lot in the past years which means that we combine the attitude of an entrepreneurial company with the resources of a global company. In addition to our main office in Brøndby and our factory in Kalundborg, we have sales offices in Australia, Brazil and USA, a subsidiary in Scotland and a factory in Superporto do Açu, in the northern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

A strong social environment

In addition to work, we also know how to have a good time. We have several clubs and societies where we meet to share our passion for movies, sports, wine and engineering. We have two large parties every year, and all departments and teams make an effort to bring us together for after-hours fun. All this combines to create an environment where we genuinely care for and take pride in our work.

Watch our videos

Employee video

Meet Structural Design Engineer, Aslaug, who tells about her job at Flexibles

Corporate video

Meet the employees at NOV, and get to know what they do and why they like working in NOV

Meet your new collegues, Heidi and Martin

The really interesting part is the pipe technology

I have a background in design and innovation, so Flexibles seemed to be a bit of a stretch, but after checking their web site, I got the impression that it was a high-tech company. Few companies in the world produce these flexible pipes, and it’s simply fascinating that something so large and solid can bend. And it’s cool to be able to say that I work as an engineer in a company working with advanced technology.

In my job, I primarily make a large number of calculations, but all tasks are cross-disciplinary in nature, from the engineers in charge of manufacturing end fittings and the workers at the factory who produce the pipes.

What you do makes a difference!

When I started work here, I knew nothing about the company, and since then, I have often wondered why no one does. My previous work experience includes maritime engineering, and since I knew a lot about wave dynamics this seemed an interesting niche, where what you do matters.

Because we design and produce offshore materials, we need to take more things into consideration - you can’t just fix an engineering mistake if the resulting pipe has been installed at a water depth of 300m. So there are extra high demands for perfection, quality and safety, which means that the company has a very high level of technical skill and quality.

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National Oilwell Varco (Flexibles)
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