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Arla Foods amba
Research Scientist - Food Microbiology and Fermentation - Arla Innovation Centre, Arhus

Arla Foods amba

As a scientist within fermentation you will be a key element in our strategic focus on fermentation by utilising your knowledge within fermentation, microbial physiology and genetics in relation to dairy to drive science and innovation from lab scale to pilot plant trials. This means that you:

  • Will be a key partner in various innovation projects related to fermentation of dairy.
  • Maintain, build and strengthen expertise/competencies on the microorganisms related to the production of fresh dairy, cheese and other relevant categories.
  • Perform ad hoc support to the business solving fermentation related issues.
Arla Foods amba
Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in Cross Polarization in Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance is a unique, innovative tool that allows new vistas in medical imaging and spectroscopy. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) is a widely used imaging method for studying in vivo metabolism non-invasively. Generally, MRS relies on signals from abundant protons.

However, it can also be applied to stable, magnetic isotopes (e.g. 13C) to detect the uptake and transformation of infused labelled molecules when combined with signal enhancement techniques (hyperpolarization). We use dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dDNP) to enhance the MRS signal. The introduction of the dDNP method for metabolic imaging in vivo has thus enabled new ways of diagnosing disease.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD project: Prediction of Solid-Liquid Equilibria in Electrolyte Solutions

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

A PhD position, starting November 1 2021 or as soon as possible after that, is available in the area of electrolyte thermodynamics. The duration of the position is three years.

Many applications with salts involve solid-liquid equilibria, often in mixed solids, but today there are no models to predict the precipitation of salts without experimental data. The development of a truly predictive thermodynamic model in form of an electrolyte equation of state for such systems is the ultimate target of the project.

Indeed, many salts form mixed solids, where neutral molecules (such as water) get embedded in the crystal lattice.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD Scholarships on Fundamental Experimental Studies of New Catalysts

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Lyngby

A number of PhD studentship positions for doing fundamental investigations in relation to “The VILLUM Center for the Science of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals” (V-SUSTAIN) at SurfCat.

PhD positions are available at V-SUSTAIN to work on fundamental experimental studies of new catalysts in the area of:

  • Thermal heterogeneous catalysis for CO2 hydrogenation into methanol and higher hydrocarbons or Nitrogen into ammonia.
  • Electrochemical reactions of mass-selected clusters for water splitting, oxygen reduction reactions, reduction of CO2 to fuels and chemicals, and Electrochemical reduction of N2 to ammonia.

The work will be focused on testing and characterisation of new catalysts using state of the art in-house facilities, especially of mass-selected nanoparticles with specific desired compositions.

Novo Holdings
Strategy Associate

Novo Holdings, Hellerup

Strategy Associate We are looking for a new Strategy Associate to join the Strategy Office in Novo Holdings to support the continued ambitious strategy development of Novo Holdings, a world leading investor in life sciences.

The role as Strategy Associate offers significant professional and personal development opportunities. It involves an array of tasks and responsibilities in continuous development of Novo Holding’s ambitious strategy and processes. Working closely with the Head of Strategy Office, you will:

  • Develop consistent and coherent high-quality strategies across investment areas and Novo Holdings in general
  • Ensure full strategic alignment with our house ambition of being leading responsible investors in close collaboration with Novo Holdings’ Head of Responsible Investments
Novo Holdings
Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD Scholarship in Designing New Solid-State Batteries with Near-Temperature Oxygen Conductors

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

Are you interested in nanotechnologies and innovative energy solutions? Are you wondering what the future batteries will be?

At DTU Energý, we are continuously striving for innovative energy solutions, and we are now looking for a PhD candidate to be a part of new exciting research. The project is carried out by a dynamic team at the Functional Oxides section, which possesses excellent competencies and the most advanced investigations tools for advanced functional materials.

The project aims to fabricate nano-architectures of functional metal oxides materials to achieve fast oxygen conductors. These new materials will improve the current state-of-the-art solid-state ionics and open up applications in sensors, fuel cells and especially solid-state batteries.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetProteomics Core Facility Manager

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

The Proteomics Core Facility at the Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (DTU Proteomics Core) has an opening for a position as operational manager. The position will be available from November 1st, 2021.

The DTU Proteomics Core is a very well-equipped academic proteomics core facility and supports academic and industrial scientists both at DTU and beyond in their research by providing a wide range of proteomics services using various platforms for protein and peptide separation, state-of-the-art mass spectrometers for LC-MS analysis and specialized bioinformatics tools for data analysis.

The facility provides service and engages in collaborations within advanced labeled and label-free quantitative proteomics, targeted proteomics and Data-Independent Acquisition workflows.

Syntese A/SManaging Director Syntese

Syntese A/S, Hvidovre

The Site Director is responsible for the site performance by ensuring that employees, equipment facilities and any means of production are in place, and perform according to defined standards. The role enables products to be supplied to the market at the right time as well as the right quality and quantity according to Ferring’s mission statement, and contributes to the strategic site development in line with the overall Tech Ops strategy.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Manages all activities within the manufacturing site in particular all Manufacturing, Quality Control, Supplt Chain EHS, Maintenance & Engineering as well as G&A activities.
  • Ensures and approves that site investments and OpEx spending follow or exceed overall budgeted cost and investment plans
Syntese A/S
Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in Diamond Sensing and Microfluidics

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

We invite applications for a 3-year PhD scholarship in diamond sensing and microfluidics, ideally starting Dec 1, 2021, to work in the Section for Magnetic Resonance at DTU Health Technology.

The research is interdisciplinary and part of a 7-year research project “Intracellular mechanics and diamond based sensing” funded by the Danish Research Councils and the Novo Nordisk Foundation. A collaboration between researchers at DTU Health Technology and DTU Physics as well as international partners provides the scientific environment.

The overall vision of the project is to develop methods that can monitor intracellular life: We will use the quantum mechanical properties of nanodiamonds with defects to develop sensing protocols that can monitor intracellular temperature and ultimately as basis for intracellular NMR.

Hilti Danmark A/S
Are you our next outperformer graduate? Join our Global Management Development program

Hilti Danmark A/S

We’re looking for the next generation of high-performing, multi-lingual, post-graduate talents to take our company forward. Hilti Outperformer is a global management development program like no other, with real responsibility from day one.

Hilti Danmark A/S

Hilti Outperformer is a two-year program, where you’ll quickly be involved in a range of international projects, with lots of exposure to senior management. It’s fast paced and challenging, but we’ll closely coach and mentor you. The program is split into four main stages of work:

Show us what you can do and, in return, we promise you the experience of a lifetime, the opportunity to work internationally, and a fast-track career in global senior management with an unlimited contract. You’ll also take part in some fascinating courses and events:

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in Mixture Toxicology

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

DTU National Food Institute invites applications for a 3-year PhD candidature starting 1 January 2022. The project is part of a larger H2020 Green Deal project to improve risk assessment of chemicals and thereby better safeguard human health.

The project will have focus on adverse effects of mixtures of environmental chemicals that arise during early life.

The successful candidate will be part of the Cell Toxicology Team based at DTU National Food Institute.

Your overall focus will be to strengthen the institute’s competences within mixture toxicology for an improved risk assessment of chemicals.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in materials chemistry

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC – DTU), Technical University of Denmark (DTU), invites applicants for a PhD position in materials chemistry. DHRTC was established by the Danish Underground Consortium and DTU. The research centre has a targeted effort to reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas production from the Danish North Sea during the green transition.

The position is within the program on produced water management. Produced water (PW) is a by-product of oil extraction and contains a mixture of dispersed and dissolved oil. Reinjection of PW into the reservoir is an important tool to reduce the discharge of potentially harmful substances.

Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S,
Food Scientist - Temporary position, Videbaek

Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S,

Our innovators move fast and draw strength from their natural curiosity as well as their specialist knowledge. You love to put your intellectual skills to the test every day, and you feel like setting the direction of your field and inventing new standards.

As a laboratory based Food Scientist, you initiate analytical method development and contribute to NPD activities that will lead to ground-breaking dairy-based ingredients that live up to the very highest demands of quality and functionality.

You will be the key player we rely on to develop, implement and validate new quantitative, chromatography based methodologies within the area of milk ingredients, with a primary focus on proteins and protein related analytes.

Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S,
Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in Quadrature (IQ) Modulators for Integrated Photonics

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Nytorv

DTU Fotonik works with all areas of photonic engineering, including a strong focus on optical communications. We are hereby announcing a PhD position within the topic of Quadrature (IQ) Modulators for integrated photonics.

This project is part of the centre of excellence Silicon Photonics for Optical Communications (SPOC) funded by the Danish National Research Foundation and established in 2015. The SPOC centre was established to aim at significantly advancing the state-of-the-art in ultra-high capacity optical communications and this PhD project will be at the heart of this activity.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in Entanglement Swapping over Long Distances using SiPh-Circuitry

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

DTU Fotonik works with all areas of photonic engineering, including a strong focus on optical communications. We are hereby announcing a PhD position within the quantum integrated photonics. This project is part of the centre of excellence Silicon Photonics for Optical Communications (SPOC) funded by the Danish National Research Foundation and established in 2015. The SPOC centre was established to aim at significantly advancing the state-of-the-art in ultra-high capacity optical communications and this PhD project will be at the heart of this activity.

It is widely accepted that a quantum repeater will rely on quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement sources are essential, and useful for many applications, including potential quantum repeaters, quantum computing and communications.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in Digitalizing Engineering Education using Situation-Aware Robotics

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

The Department of Electrical Engineering invites applicants for 3-years PhD position in the area of Digitalizing Engineering Education using Situation-aware Robotics in the Automation and Control Group at the Department of Electrical Engineering. The PhD project is part of the DTU Digitalization Taskforce and is concerned with exploring potential benefits of the digitalization in relation to engineering education.

The PhD candidate will explore different methods for improving situational awareness in robotic systems which could help develop new and more efficient automated labs. As a result, the research topic of this PhD project stands at the intersection of Digitalization and Robotics.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in Metasurfaces for Optical Fiber Tips

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

If you aim at scientific excellence and want to establish a career as a scientist within advanced metasurfaces for applications on optical fiber tips for UV supercontinuum fiber lasers, then we have the ideal opportunity for you. Come and be a part of the new “Table-Top Synchrotron” project and participate in our quest to develop supercontinuum sources that outcompete synchrotrons from the deep-UV down to 33 nm to the mid-IR up to 15 µm.

To cover this enormous bandwidth we will be making 4 supercontinuum sources, or beam lines, based on gas-filled hollow-core fibers, silica and soft-glass fibers, such as fluoride and chalcogenide fibers, that we make in-house.

Your PhD project will be an integral part of developing a UV supercontinuum source with a tailored beam shape and a spectrum that reaches down to 33 nm. T

Professionshøjskolen UCNFaglig stærk forskningsleder til strategisk satsning på in- og eksklusion i pædagogisk praksis

Professionshøjskolen UCN, Aalborg

Professionshøjskolen UCN søger en forskningsleder med lyst og evner til at udvikle en national styrkeposition indenfor in- og eksklusion i pædagogisk praksis.

UCN har med Strategi 2030 påbegyndt en transformation fra en uddannelsesinstitution til en praksisnær vidensinstitution, der bedriver uddannelse og anvendelsesorienteret forskning på internationalt niveau. For at nå dette, har UCN sat som mål at videreudvikle en række fokuserede forskningsfelter indenfor områder, hvor vi allerede besidder styrker.

Som forskningsleder kommer du til at spille en central rolle i UCN's transformation fra uddannelsesinstitution til en praksisnær videninstitution. Du vil have ansvaret for at lede og implementere den strategiske retning og de tilhørende forskningsindsatser indenfor den strategiske satsning på in- og eksklusion i pædagogisk praksis

Professionshøjskolen Absalon
Genopslag - uddannelsesleder til professionsbacheloruddannelsen i ernæring og sundhed

Professionshøjskolen Absalon, Slagelse

Er du en tydelig, inspirerende og retningssættende uddannelsesleder?

Absalon søger en fagligt dygtig og løsningsorienteret uddannelsesleder til ernærings- og sundhedsuddannelsen. Som uddannelsesleder vil du sammen med medarbejdere, lederkolleger, direktion og interessenter i og uden for Absalon sikre og udvikle et godt og robust uddannelsesudbud.

Du vil lede 15 dygtige og engagerede medarbejdere på vores nybyggede campus i Slagelse, som tilbyder gode faciliteter i bl.a. laboratorier, køkkener og undervisningslokaler.

Samtidig indgår du i den samlede ledelse af Center for Ernæring og Rehabilitering sammen med centerchefen og dine to uddannelseslederkolleger.

Københavns ProfessionshøjskolePædagogisk/didaktisk profil til postdoc-lignende stilling i et innovativt udviklings- og forskningsmiljø på uddannelseshospitalet i Frederikssund

Københavns Professionshøjskole, Nørrebro

I samarbejde med Nordsjællands Hospital i Frederikssund og Frederikssund Kommune har vi på Københavns Professionshøjskole (KP) etableret Uddannelseshospitalet Frederikssund. Formålet er at skabe innovativ udvikling af praksisfærdigheder samt uddannelse i patient-borgerforløb.

Til uddannelseshospitalet søger vi en postdoc-profil eller tilsvarende inden for det pædagogisk-didaktiske forskningsområde, der dels skal varetage rollen som projektleder for forskningen, foretage egen forskning, undervise samt binde forskningsaktiviteterne og udviklingen af uddannelseshospitalet sammen.

Dit overordnede ansvar bliver dels at drive forsknings- og udviklingsmiljøet på uddannelseshospitalet (50%) og herunder beskrive, dokumentere, validere og evaluere uddannelsesmodellen.