Entrepreneurial and Innovative Mission Director: lead the green and sustainable Danish Agri-Food transformation

AgriFoodTure Copenhagen or Aarhus


Do you want to lead Denmark into a greener future and help make the Danish Agri-Food industry be the best in the world? Do you have a passion for fundraising, networking, and building relationships and do you have an eye for business development? Can you collaborate with stakeholders in the cross section between public and private knowledge partners and together create unique circular value in the food and agriculture sector?

With the Finance Act 2021 the Danish government decided to invest 700 million DKK in four mission driven green partnerships between public and private knowledge partners. The goal of the four missions is to provide solutions contributing to solve the political climate goals for 2030 and 2050. The first of the four Partnerships is the AgriFoodTure partnership, which officially became a reality on April 6, 2022, with the ambition to position Denmark as the leading country in innovative and disruptive green transition of the agricultural and food system. In April 2022 AgriFoodTure was granted 201 million DKK by Innovation Fund Denmark

We are looking for an entrepreneurial and innovative Mission Director to head up the AgriFoodTure partnership. In this role, you will take leadership of providing green innovative solutions for the Danish agriculture and food sector, to become climate neutral and reduce environmental impact. Further, the contribution from the Partnership will play a pivotal role in strengthening the international competitiveness and securing employment in all regions of Denmark within the sector.

As Mission director, you will engage in attracting new partners and continuously increase funding and navigate among a broad portfolio of stakeholders and actors within research, business, and political contexts. You will lead and manage a small team of specialists forming the ‘Mission Management team’ and together you will implement the ambitious partnership plan through several projects, activities, and initiatives under the umbrella of the AgriFoodTure Partnership.

The mission management team will, beyond securing future funding, also handle tasks such as project portfolio management, administration in connection with the implementation of research and innovation funds, and reporting to Innovation Fund Denmark. In addition, you will be a central link between the Board of Directors, the partners, and the individual research and innovation projects. The Role will have a seat in the AgriFoodTure Board.


  • Undertake dynamic project portfolio management
  • Initiate initiatives that will secure new funding for the partnership
  • Coordinate activities related to the mission
  • Communicate results from AgriFoodTure and aqcuired from diverse sources related to the mission success
  • Represent AgriFoodTure and provide substansive support to meetings
  • Ongoing initiation of activities and projects to implement the partnership strategy based on the AgriFoodTure Roadmap


You have an academic education in either politics, technical or natural sciences, or the field of agriculture, and you have acquired a broad and solid knowledge of the food value chain from farm to fork.

You are insightful of the green transition of the agricultural and food industry, including climate objectives, and motivated to develop and take leadership for the green agenda in Denmark and globally. You are technical savvy and understand the technologies used within the sector.

You are an inspiring and convincing communicator with political flair, and you are a visionary and enterprising profile. In addition, you have experience working with partnerships with a strong track record of creating results in interaction between partners.

You can navigate tasks with a high level of complexity and with many actors and stakeholders and are a strong and trustworthy networker. Having a large network within the research environments, food companies, and the political system - preferably internationally – is an advantage.

You might have proven experience in fundraising for research and innovation on a larger scale, including internationally, and are experienced in successfully driving (mission-driven) research and innovation projects towards set goals.

You can build a small and effective organization and have management experience and preferably experience with management at a distance.


Evaluation of qualified candidates will include an assessment exercise and a competency-based interview.

Special Notice

This is a project-funded post. The hire will be made as a position wihtin SEGES Innovation, who is a key partner in AgriFoodTure.

All employment decisions are made according to qualifications and organisational needs. The mission is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment of mutual respect. The mission recruits and employs staff regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, or disabilities.

Employment is possible at one of 2 different Danish locations: Copenhagen or Aarhus. Applicants are encouraged to indicate at which of the 2 locations they prefer employment. The partnership offers office solutions with administrative support at one of the indicated employment locations.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply online as soon as possible after the job opening has been posted.

For further information, please contact Laura Hummelmose from Amrop at +45 28 34 99 52 or Interim Mission Director Lisbeth Henricksen at +45 61 28 44 35.