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BoConcept A/S, Santana Row

BoConcept Santana Row has over the past years achieved many successful moments and we are now looking for a new Store Manager to lead one of top performing stores in the Americas to the next level.

Job description

If you would like to work in on of the world’s wealthiest economies and international cultures – Silicon Valley is definitely the place to be. The candidate must be ambitious in goal setting and driven to inspire and motivate an excellent sales team to reach new heights. We are aiming to hire someone, who is well experienced with the concept and values of BoConcept – as well as have proven results and great testimonials from their previous managers. The most important is your determination to deliver that exceptional shopping experience to every single customer that enters your showroom.

Furthermore, the candidate must be open to learn and adapt, as we know that all businesses are run differently from country to country. At the same time the candidate must also have the confidence to make independent suggestions and decisions to improve and strengthen current situations.

Career progression

By joining our team we will promise you an exciting journey with focus on your personal development. One of our goals as a franchisee and company is always to create a motivating path for you to pursue.

A possible position to take over after successful results as a Store Manager could be Bay area retail manager.

Duties and responsibilities

Profit and Loss Management

  • Plan the sales development in store
  • Prepare weekly sales summary and monthly reports

Sales Management

  • Ensure that all clients are properly served
  • Develop a selling strategy based on market trends, sales objectives and inventory control
  • Ensure that all the sales team fully understands the selling strategy and applies it
  • Monitor sales and product performance of both showroom and inventories
  • Prepare materials and conduct weekly sales and product training to the retail team


  • Be fully aware of the inventory of all product lines at all times, anticipating stock build-up and shortages, and maintaining reasonable levels as much as possible

Merchandising/Showroom Planning

  • Maintains shop display and environment with company set standard of daily cooperation with the in-store stylist
  • Travel to Headquarter (Denmark) to view upcoming collections and execute showroom planning on a yearly basis

Customer Service

  • Ensure that each member of the sales team provides an excellent service to each individual entering the store
  • Work together with the customer service team to solve difficult and complex situation

Team Management

  • Motivate your sales team to serve all clients in excellent standards and to hit sales target
  • Conduct annual performance reviews for the team
  • Keep track of each individual employee’s performance, defining tasks and setting goals
  • Be in charge of hiring and conducting interview of prospective candidates
  • Employs and retains high quality staff at the right compensation level
  • Oversee and ensures all vacation and absences taken are in line with company policies and procedures, while also properly manage all unused days off

Sales Administration

  • Ensure all sales activities are properly processed according to the company's procedures
  • Process sales reporting according to the company's procedures
  • Prepare and analyze aging report and ensure prompt payment receipt


  • Assists the Marketing Team in implementing all communication activities for the store
  • Propose to the Marketing Team all communication activities which could help achieve the sales objectives of your store



  • Minimum 3 years of experience with the BoConcept DNA. 5 phases of selling, quotation follow up, store visuals, purchasing, logistics, delivery and assembly, Axapta, Universe, PSG, Sales Reports, and Sales Metrics
  • Experience on management level. Not necessarily as a SM. ASM or perhaps none may be acceptable. Depends greatly on the candidate's previous manager's assessment
  • Proven results of any kind would be a great advantage


  • Most importantly, you are eager to serve. Not only clients but also your staff
  • Driven to achieve successful personal development without giving up when it's getting tough
  • Willing to put many hours into the store and team's development
  • Open to learn about a new retail culture and behavior
  • Can handle all sorts of constructive feedback
  • Reliable in terms of follow up, execution, deadlines, and discipline
  • An absolute role model in regards to good manners
  • Continuous proactive mindset
  • Eager and self-proactive in learning new skill-sets and knowledge within the industry and your position


  • Fairly advanced with in-store routines and management, e.g. rostering, reports, maintenance etc.
  • Understands the importance and how to utilize different personalities in a sales team
  • Able to teach and train staff and peers in product knowledge and the '5 Phases of Selling' techniques
  • Able to inspire and coach in groups and individually to reach new milestones. Preferable in the lines of BoConcept's Breakthrough theory
  • Excellent command of English with the ability of conveying speech into an efficient manner for all levels
  • Able to handle customer with challenging requests and complaints
  • Able to provide possible solutions for any given challenge
  • Structured in terms of daily, weekly, and yearly routines Able to juggle many tasks and projects at the same time without losing focus on the store's performance


If you are up for this challenge, please apply by sending a resume and write a few lines about yourself to:

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