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Corporate Identity

The Company Vision:

Triumph, a Company Empowering Self Confidence

Our consumers and employees trust and want to be part of Triumph, a company empowering self-confidence.

Consumers, who buy, wear and trust our brands and products will be empowered through the feeling of attractiveness, through a positive self-perception as well as an enhanced well-being and self-esteem.

Employees who work with us will shape our future success through the trust we have in everyone’s own strength, value and ability. They will be proud to belong to Triumph because we empower them to think, act and decide self-confidently as brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs and pioneers every day.

As a company we encourage both, consumers and employees around the world to be more self-confident, thus we strive to become iconic and differentiated and grow sales profitably.

DEFINITION: “Self-confidence”, the belief and the trust in your own power, value and ability is a key enabler for success, i.e. to get what you want. Self-confidence relates to deep emotions. Self-confident people have the power to be who they want to be without following stereotypes. They focus on results, ambitions and desires.

The Company Mission:

Triumph strives to lead the global intimates market and to achieve profitable growth. We collaborate to exceed consumer expectations with desirable, highest-quality, and best-fit products supported by best-in-class services.

Passionate employees - valued as our greatest assets and ambassadors to the market - make our brands strong and desired.

Inspired by family heritage, we ensure a responsible, ethical and compliant corporate conduct and take great care of the global environment.

Our Values

Passion: we are emotionally attached to what we do and have fun

Openness: we share our thoughts and value the opinion of others independent of their role and responsibility

Trust: we believe in the capabilities of each of us

Consistency: we are here to stay, accountable in good and bad times

Respect: we value our people, individual cultures and the environment

Our Principles

  • We are in to win, ... together
  • We are consumer oriented throughout the company
  • We assume shared leadership and work as a team
  • We deliver what we commit to and assume responsibility
  • We enable others by allowing decisions at the lowest possible level
  • We learn from our mistakes

Global organization

Triumph International belongs to the global players in the lingerie sector, with 34,600 employees worldwide, an annual turnover of 2.2 billion Swiss francs and a multi-facetted product palette that is sold in more than 120 countries all around the globe with its core brands Triumph®, Sloggi®, Valisère® and HOM®. For these branded goods Triumph manages and controls the whole value chain from design to distribution and sales via own or partner retail outlets. Triumph produces also for a number of private label customers. It has manufacturing facilities in countries such as Austria, Portugal, Morocco, Hungary, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Brazil and China.

The company takes its environmental and ethical responsibilities as seriously as the brands’ fashionable designs and exacting quality requirements. Triumph products are manufactured in high-tech production plants using environmentally friendly and energy-saving production methods and the most modern and environmentally certified materials. Ethical guidelines to the highest international standards indicate the company's sense of responsibility beyond the product itself and ensure an important contribution to the creation of socially desirable, long-term jobs as well as to sustainable economic development, particularly in disadvantaged regions.

This global corporation is one of the few companies in the apparel industry that still remains family owned. The headquarters of the group’s holding company is in Bad Zurzach, Switzerland. Other important business centres are located in Heubach and Munich in Germany and in Hong Kong.

Nordic organization

The Nordics countries, Benelux and France are pooled in a unique structure. We are 1.100 employees in the region, which includes employees in the office, warehouse and in our 110 stores, whereof 250 employees are in Denmark. Our staff is a mix of office workers, traveling salesmen, stock people and shop staff.

All the offices in the Nordics were established within a couple of years in the 1950´s. The brand existed in the Nordics prior to the establishment of offices and had done so for a couple of decades. The Danish subsidiary of Triumph was established on 1 April 1957 with headquarters in Copenhagen. In 1970 we moved to Espergaerde where we are today Northern European headquarters of Scandinavia, Benelux and France. In addition Espergaerde hosts the central warehouse for the Nordic region. There is a unified leadership team for the Northern Europe (NE) region, and most of its members work at the Danish head office. The Finish office was also created 1957 and we currently have a small administrative office in Helsinki. The Swedish company was founded in 1955 and currently has a small administrative office, the Norwegian office was founded the same year as the Swedish company but has since then been closed down.

In 2004 we started to open our own stores in the Nordic countries and currently we have 58 stores in the 4 Nordic countries. 19 stores including 1 outlet in Denmark, in Sweden we have as of today 24 stores and one outlet, in Norway 12 stores and one outlet and in Finland we have one store. In the Nordic region we have 59 stores also include shop in shop like Magasin in Denmark and Åhlens in Sweden.

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