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People Processes

SCADA International is passionate about making a difference. We strive towards continued growth for our customers and ourselves. The basis for our continued growth is to attract, develop and retain professional, competent and qualified people. We do this by ensuring working conditions for all employees that foster commitment and responsibility from each individual employee at SCADA International.

Every year employees are invited to an Employee Development Dialogue (EDD) to talk about motivation, job satisfaction, development potential and possibilities. Goals and development actions are agreed with each individual employee during the EDD and during the EDD Mid-Year Review goals and actions are assed in terms of progress and adequacy.

Further, all employees are invited to make their opinion heard every year in the Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS). At SCADA International the Employee Satisfaction Survey is a tool we use to see the greater picture regarding cross-functional and cross-border co-operation, perceptions on image and culture, observations regarding the management team, and of course measure employee satisfaction.


Employees matter a great deal to us! To ensure high levels of commitment, job satisfaction and well-being we have put substantial effort into core HR processes to ensure that the voices of the employees at SCADA International are heard.

Meet us

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What do you do at SCADA International?

I am employed in our Sales and Marketing department as Key Account Manager. Primarily I am responsible for our own product, our 2nd level SCADA solution; OneView® and with this consultancy of potential clients worldwide as well as maintaining relations with existing clients. So my job consists of a lot of travelling, a lot of meetings, conferences, fairs and networking forums.

What is the one thing you like most about working at SCADA International?

The dynamics and exciting tasks that follows when working with a variety of different clients, from one client with 1-2 turbines to major important players within the renewable energy industry. Another driver is the fact, that we are a solution driven company, and therefore are clients or products never the same.

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What do you do at SCADA International?

I am project manager. Mainly I work with Low Voltage Measurement Systems on the Polish market where this kind of measurements are required by law. I manage also projects related to Wind Park control and monitoring (OneView®) and data signal transmission.

What is the one thing you like most about working at SCADA International?

To work with international projects and solve many different isseus. No two days are the same. The opportunity to work with high-tech technology and interesting people.

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What do you do at SCADA International?

I am a technical designer, which means that I maintain our master documentation, making sure that electrical drawings are in alignment with our component portfolio. I create orders in Navision, and adjust the cabinet documentation for the project. Further I make sure our component database is updated.

What is the one thing you like most about working at SCADA International?

I get challenging and excitingtasks and the tonein the office is pleasant and humorous.

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People Processes

The recruitment process at SCADA International is vigorous and thorough. We want to attract the best candidates for our positions!

Step 1
Telephone or Skype interview

Selected candidates are invited to a telephone interview with our HR department to secure alignment on practical expectations and to understand your overall motivation. Further, the telephone/skype interview is a way to identify whether you have the required skills and competencies needed in the position.

Step 2
First Onsite Interview

You are invited to a personal meeting at a SCADA International location to meet with the immediate manager and HR. During the First Onsite Interview we will be interested in getting to know you more through your background, your experience, your aspirations and dreams about your future career. We will also provide you with much more information on the company, company culture, the job content and the department you will be part of.

Step 3
Second Onsite Interview

For the Second Onsite Interview you will be asked to prepare and present a case based on situations and circumstances that may occur in the position applied for. The purpose is to give you a better understanding of the position as well as to give us an idea on how you would proceed, decide and prioritize in the case situations presented.

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