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The Espersen Group

Espersen is a world leader in the processing of frozen fish blocks, frozen fillets, specials cuts, and breaded and deluxe puff pastry fish products, with modern production plants and non-production units in Denmark, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Spain as well as in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam. As such, we are an internationally recognized supplier of high quality products, delivering to some of the utmost quality-conscious customers in both Europe and the USA, some of which count the largest multi-national food corporations in the world.

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Jobs & Career

Dedicated employees are crucial to the on-going success of Espersen and our continuous efforts to act responsibly in the various local communities in which we operate. We firmly aim to have employees with a strong and in-depth knowledge of our company objectives and values, as we believe this knowledge will enable them to perform with greater enthusiasm, skill and motivation.

At Espersen, we have a long tradition for establishing autonomous groups among our employees in order to promote and enhance responsibility and commitment. The said autonomous groups provide employees with greater insights into the nature of our production processes, e.g. the planning and managing thereof. Thus, the groups are instrumental to achieving quality and efficiency at all levels – and to living up to our promise to the market of doing what we say we do.

With our global reach, Espersen offers you the opportunity to be part of something bigger, as every single one of our production plants and non-production units around the world is committed to empowering all employees to achieve their potential – and go beyond. As a multi-national corporation, we have the ability and diversity to help you create more than a job, but a career.

As a new Espersen employee, you will receive intensive training in areas such as quality, hygiene and working environment. In return, we believe to get satisfied, dedicated and loyal employees; something which has been documented by the several families who have worked with us for generations.

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