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NNE Pharmaplan
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NNE Pharmaplan

Devoted to life science, skilled in engineering

Remember the brainy kid you sat next to in school? Well, he’s working for us now. And he’s made a living out of turning complex challenges into quality solutions.

Home to about 2,000 talented and ambitious people, NNE Pharmaplan is a playground for engineers who work hard to deliver the right answers to complex questions. Professional experts form the backbone of our growing company where different development programs as well as day-to-day problem solving help us to grow and share knowledge.

We must warn you, though. We are a bit single minded. Whether we are engaged in building entirely new facilities, advising on reconstruction or delivering in-depth consulting services, we always operate within our very own niche of life sciences.

As one of the world’s leading engineering and consulting companies within life sciences, NNE Pharmaplan doesn’t have any manufacturing lines or facilities ourself. However, we take pride in ensuring that companies such as AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, Roche and many others can bring vital treatments to patients.

Although we were founded in Europe, we are just about as global as they come. Diseases and medical conditions know no borders, and nor do we. So don’t count on your colleague to come from the same part of the world as yourself. Instead, count on him to speak the same professional language. And to be just as motivated by creating stand-out solutions?

In NNE Pharmaplan the limit to what you can accomplish doesn’t exist. As a member of our tribe of helpful and ambitious experts, you can look forward to a career of solving the insolvable. Focusing equally on construction, re-building and consulting for the customers, our people never stop broadening their professional horizon.

NNE Pharmaplan
Engineering fields of expertise:
  • Automation
  • Architecture & structure
  • Active products & utility
  • Electrical & instrumentation
  • Finished products and medical devices
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing IT
  • Ventilation & building utilities
  • Quality and validation
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Project controlling
NNE Pharmaplan

In addition to other personal qualifications, NNE Pharmaplan employees should cherish and live our core values, the six Essentials:

Demonstrate leadership

You are strong in all communication and have the ability to energise people and to give constructive feedback.

Closer to the customer

You have excellent customer understanding – and the ability to inspire and demonstrate leadership in customer relations.

Smarter execution

You work effectively, keep your promises and learn from your mistakes.

Be result-oriented

You are result-oriented and have a well-structured approach to your work.

Be global

You have a global mindset and enjoy working in a multi- cultural environment.

Be passionate

You have a personal drive and are passionate about your work.


We offer student internship, class projects and master thesis to students within a wide range of specializations.

"The internship and graduation project landed me a permanent position at NNE Pharmaplan."

"I started at NNE Pharmaplan as an engineer intern in the department of Automation, where I was connected to a project that aimed to expand the production capacity of an existing plant. My work focused on the areas of development, implementation and qualification of the automation system at the plant. Based on the knowledge gained during my five-month internship I wrote my thesis in partnership with NNE Pharmaplan and the Technical University of Denmark. In my thesis project I developed and tested an automated hygiene status programme for the plant. The internship and graduation project landed me a permanent position at NNE Pharmaplan where, among other things, I will be implementing my graduation project."

Anders Ellegaard, Automation Engineer, Nordic

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